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New start-up Sprout Coffee is placing conscientious coffee at the heart of tea room breaks and business meetings.


Explore how marketing and our core values affect our buying decisions and how each one of us can influence change when we shop. An excellent, hands-on workshop for those who want to know more about shopping mindfully and ethically, providing simple ways to make a difference in your everyday lives.   

This event is being organised by the City of Whitehorse as part of their annual Fair Trade Fortnight (6 - 22 May 2016) and run by Green Steps.

The digital cloud that holds our data may seem invisible but the electricity used to power it comes with a very real environmental footprint. Where is this data held? And what is the sustainability impact of streaming, storing and browsing online?


We recently marked our 15th birthday with a night of celebration and posed the challenging question to attendees and speakers: Is sustainability dead? And if so, how we can bring it back to life? From social enterprise, to government, to industry – a variety of perspectives were shared and reflected upon. Here's what we learnt.

The World Health Organisation has described climate change as “the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century”.

With increasing attention paid to the links between healthcare and climate change, we spoke with Dr Katherine Barraclough, an alumni from our 2015 Sustainability in the Workplace course to share her experience of the course and insight into the challenges facing her sector in Australia.

Green Steps recently welcomed a new addition to the team - Liz Bacchetti joins us as Marketing Administrator supporting  all Green Steps communications including our student and professional programs.  We asked Liz to share some of thoughts and insights into working in the sector and her role. 


Most of us have an abiding fondness for museums through memories of school or family day-trips. As a formative building block for learning more about our past as we move into the present, museums hold a pivotal place in society.

So how does the museum sector, a vehicle for preserving the past to educate and inform, sustain itself for the future? Elizabeth Marsden, a past participant in our Sustainability in the Workplace Course has driven change in this sector, specifically amongst small museums. We reflect how these changes were made possible and her journey along the way.


Green Steps is 15 years old. Our celebration event is a chance to reflect on 15 years of achievement and look forward to what the next 15 years holds. The evening will be asking our two inspiring keynotes and panel of thought-leaders to share insight on how sustainability is transitioning. We will be asking them to share bold thoughts on our topic “Is Sustainability Dead?” and ask them to give their ideas on where they think sustainability will be shifting. Join us on Tuesday 1st March 2016 in Melbourne. 

With the World turning its attention to Climate Talks in Paris as part of the COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties), the big question is, can the 190 nations come to a legally binding agreement on how to tackle climate change and keep global warming below 2°C? COP21 will be the first time in over 20 years that all the nations of the world come together to sign a legally binding agreement on climate change. We wanted to reflect on why, in 2015, things look a little different, which gives us hope about achieving the desired outcome.

Following Green Steps attendance at last month's Waste Expo, we searched the globe for other innovations in waste and explored four that we thought were leading the way.


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