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Green Steps is 15 years old. Our celebration event is a chance to reflect on 15 years of achievement and look forward to what the next 15 years holds. The evening will be asking our two inspiring keynotes and panel of thought-leaders to share insight on how sustainability is transitioning. We will be asking them to share bold thoughts on our topic “Is Sustainability Dead?” and ask them to give their ideas on where they think sustainability will be shifting. Join us on Tuesday 1st March 2016 in Melbourne. 

With the World turning its attention to Climate Talks in Paris as part of the COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties), the big question is, can the 190 nations come to a legally binding agreement on how to tackle climate change and keep global warming below 2°C? COP21 will be the first time in over 20 years that all the nations of the world come together to sign a legally binding agreement on climate change. We wanted to reflect on why, in 2015, things look a little different, which gives us hope about achieving the desired outcome.

Following Green Steps attendance at last month's Waste Expo, we searched the globe for other innovations in waste and explored four that we thought were leading the way.

It’s one of the most common problems large organisations face when trying to embed positive environmental actions in their staff - they have the resources to reach a few, but how do they reach the masses? Crown Resorts, one of Australia’s largest entertainment groups engaged their 15,000 staff in an innovative waste management scheme with the ultimate goal to improve their recycling rates. The company has found success through an ambitious online game which serves as a training module to reduce waste.  We chatted with Jonathan Wood, Environment and Sustainability Manager at Crown Resorts who led the selection and implementation of this successful initiative.


Green Steps welcomes the newest members to the team, Kate Smith and Ellen Regos. We asked them a few questions about working in the sector. 

Vision Australia have recently upgraded their library service for visually impaired people to provide eBooks and audio news through a new 3G service. They took on a Green Steps intern to crunch the numbers on how this project will deliver positive environmental benefits. We interview Vision Australia Library Manager Anthea Taylor to find out more. 

We're surrounded by science, conversations, debates and beliefs about climate change... are we talking too much? Is this stopping us from taking action? Green Steps have launched an online challenge to engage students in taking personal action on sustainability. Read more about Take One Step and how it engaged hundreds of Monash students to make a commitment to sustainability. 

Green Steps Alumna, Jack Bertolus, reflects on his experience as a Green Steps @ Uni participant. Having completed an internship with Victorian Government Scheme, The Essential Services Commission, Jack is now working towards building a career in the environment and sustainability sector. 

A new online pilot project, developed by Green Steps, is encouraging students to beat the overwhelm often caused by the global sustainability challenge with their “Take One Step” platform.

A key to success when it comes to creating change is to make sure that everyone is motivated to support the change. However, in sustainability, there is often a conflict in motivations between the business need and the desire to take care of the environment. We explore how to align an environmental motivation with a business motivation through the formal process of creating a business case - a tool that helps you think through the steps to create a match between business goals and environmental outcomes. 


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