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Too many waste communication campaigns become ‘part of the wallpaper’ in organisations, fading into the background of multiple signs, posters and notices. Here are our top four 'must-haves' (and a downloadable tip-sheet) when it comes to refreshing your communications around waste to re-engage people.

Green Steps is excited to welcome Emily Wilson to their team, who will be supporting the smooth running and delivery of our professional and university programs. We asked Emily a few questions to find out more about her.

Sustainability in the workplace is as much about understanding the practical tools as it is about understanding people. The Green Steps in the Workplace four-day program welcomed participants in Melbourne recently to learn the tools necessary to create and implement environmental changes at work. 

Sustainability – you’ve got it covered. You’ve put a waste separation system in the office kitchen, buy recycled paper, and fitted lights that switch themselves off. That’s enough, right?

Unfortunately, if we want to leave future generations with something in the natural bank, we all need to do more. At an organisational level, that means getting staff on board. Here at Green Steps, we have put together our top five tips to improve sustainability practice in your workplace.

Asking society instead to focus on what they save and what they don’t use is a strange concept – how do you celebrate a decrease when we’re so fixated by growth?

Tips to keeping it simple when trying to influence positive behaviour in the workplace - starting with the common fly.

Green Steps has delivered the first two of its 2014 Green Steps @ Uni program, aimed at equipping young leaders with the knowledge and skills to be effective change agents for a sustainable future once they enter the workforce. With over 170 students applying to get into the program, 30 were selected from a rigorous interview process to take part in the 2014 programs. Read on to see what the students thought about the program so far...

Annie Leonard has just been appointed as the new Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. We take a look at what the move means, both for Greenpeace and for those of us working as change agents for sustainability. There are three key messages that Leonard shares about her new role at Greenpeace. 

Green Steps has launched a series of new courses designed to help staff maximise their skills to make the workplace more sustainable. Check out the changes we have made and how to get involved in the courses in 2014. 

Good intentions and a room full of volunteers may not quite be enough to shake up sustainability in a business. Read our top tips on making your Green Team a success and don't forget to download our tip sheet on Green Teams that Work. 


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