Our Trainers



Mark Boulet - Senior Trainer
Lead Trainer for Tailored Staff Training 

Mark completed Green Steps @ Uni in 2002, has worked as a Green Steps trainer for courses around Australia since 2003, and was Green Steps Manager for six years from 2008. Mark has developed education projects for private business, government departments and agencies, local councils, education institutions and community groups. As well as leading the tailored training consultancy arm of the Monash Sustainability Institute, Mark was Community Engagement Officer at Environment Victoria and Sustainability Education Analyst at the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability. Mark has a Bachelor of Science (Hons), a Masters in Environmental Science, a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, and an Advanced Diploma of Collaborative Management.

Matt Wicking
Lead Trainer for Green Steps @ Work

Matt has been working as a sustainability consultant and facilitator specialising in change, strategy, communication and behaviour change programs that work for over a decade. Having completed a Masters of Environment and degrees in Psychology and Commerce, as well as Alumni of Green Steps @ Uni 2003, Matt’s work with organisations and individuals from all sectors – business, government, the arts, education and more, has been essential in helping these organisations strategically integrate sustainability in their practice.

Kat Lavers
Lead Trainer for Green Steps @ Uni

Kat worked for several years coordinating Green Steps training across Australia, and is a lead trainer for Green Steps @ Uni in Australia and Malaysia. Kat has worked with local and state government and in the not-for-profit sector, as well as on community development projects in Australia and Mongolia. Kat holds a Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Environmental Science, a Diploma of Permaculture and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and is both an Alumni of Green Steps @ Uni 2003 and a Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

Michaela Lang
Secondary Trainer for Green Steps @ Work and Green Steps @ Uni

Michaela is a sustainability project manager with ten years experience working with local government and industry on community engagement and action initiatives on climate change, water use, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. Michaela has a Masters of Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with studies in social change and behaviour change, and is both an Alumni of Green Steps @ Work 2011 and has completed sustainability training at the Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

Joel Johnnson
Secondary Trainer for Green Steps @ Uni

Joel has been assisting in the delivery of Green Steps @ Uni since completing the course in 2009. Currently working as a Climate Change and Sustainability Consultant at Ernst & Young, and previously as Environmental Technical Officer at Leichhardt Council, Joel has had the opportunity to work with individuals, businesses and communities in embedding sustainability and changing the ways in which people interact with resources and their environment. Joel holds a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Sustainability) (Hons) and auditing qualifications in Management Systems, Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).