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Are you currently studying at University?

Do you want to make a difference in the world when it comes to living and working more sustainably?

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Green Steps @ Uni is an extra-curricular program that teaches university students how to become leaders as sustainability change agents in their careers and beyond.

The program was created in 2000 by a group of students who wanted to equip their peers with the skills to make sustainable changes in the organisations they will one day work for. Across six days of group-based training sessions, we’ll teach you the practical skills needed to plan and deliver effective sustainable workplace solutions. You’ll then have the opportunity to put your skills to the test on a live sustainability project based at your university, within an organisation or both!

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Green Steps @ Uni certificate and become part of a network of over 1200 other Alumni. Green Steps @ Uni has transformed lives, launched careers and most importantly created a network of change agents now working in organisations to make the world a more sustainable place to live.

Who should apply?

Green Steps @ Uni is open to all current university students enrolled at one of our partner universities each year.

The program is especially designed for those who:

  • Have a passion for the environment and sustainability regardless of whether they have any experience or are studying in this field
  • Are committed to furthering their skills in environmental sustainability - even if that means giving up a few weekends to do so
  • Would like to gain hands on experience by working on real projects for their university or a host organisation
  • Want to be part of a growing global network of sustainability change agents.

What is involved?

Training - Each chosen participant will take part in six-days of extra-curricular (voluntary) training across two weekends.

On-campus projects - some universities will require participants to work on an on-campus project for their university related to sustainability. Projects will have a staff liaison and students are required to work in teams.

Internships - the majority of Green Steps @ Uni programs will also require students to complete a 15-day internship with an external organisations such as a business, a government department or a community group. Find out more about the internship here.

What will you learn?

The program and training component is highly interactive and emphasises teamwork and student participation. Our style is informal and engaging. You’ll be learning from our highly experienced trainers, former Green Steps @ Uni participants, guest speakers and other participants from a range of study areas.

The six day training, spread over two long weekends (usually Friday-Sunday), tackles:

  • Environmental issues and responses - energy, climate change, waste and water, and organisational responses to these environmental issues.
  • Environmental auditing - an introduction to waste, energy and water auditing, and carbon accounting.
  • Communication for change - effective communication to foster change within organisations, including constructing coherent arguments, presenting environmental data and recommendations, staff engagement and presentation skills.
  • Behavioural change management - understanding your role as a change agent and personal and organisational drivers, and behavioural change theory and program design.
  • Project planning and management - problem mapping, strategic prioritisation and action planning for sustainability in an organisation.

In 2013 we ran courses in eight universities across Australia and in the UK (University of Warwick and Exeter University), engaging over 120 students in intensive sustainability skills training and internships.


Six days in total across two weekends


Free - applicants must first go through a selection and interview process to gain a place on the program.

Host unis

Find out if your university is one of our current host unis here.

The fine print

Find out about eligibility, costs and allowances, what we expect from participants and more here.

How to apply

Sounds great and think you’re ready to apply for one of our current programs at Monash, Monash Malaysia or University of Adelaide? Find out how here.